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Sew Steady by Dream World Northwest  was founded in the early 90’s, and purchased by TipBar Incorporated in September of 2009. The sewing world knows the company by the Sew Steady brand name. Our Sew Steady product line consists of portable acrylic extension tables, cabinet inserts, and sewing accessories designed and customized to fit each individual sewing machine

We have a mission to improve the sewing experience by designing and building Sew Steady Extension Tables, Cabinet inserts, and Sewing accessories that are tailored to each machine.

In April of 2015 we became the exclusive USA based manufacturer and Distributor of Westalee Design. This product line consists of over 600+ items.  Including new-to- industry Quilting Ruler Work Feet, 400+Ruler Designs for domestic and longarm machines, and 200+ Patchwork Tools.

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