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    Circle Sewing – Holiday Ornament Tutorial With Donelle!

    Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to get started on those holiday decorations! Last Tuesday we had a Facebook Live holiday ornament tutorial with Donelle McAdams. Not only does Donelle show you how to make a cute ornament using our Circle Sewing Tool, she also demonstrates how to apply our Universal Grid to your table. In case you were busy stuffing your turkey and missed it, we thought we’d repost it here for you to enjoy at your leisure!

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    We {Heart} Felt!

    We have another fun felt project for you from Geraldine Wilkins, one of our Westalee Accredited Teachers and a Quilting Industry Partner. Geraldine used red wool felt from National Nonwovens for the red hearts, and quilted them with the Westalee Design Hearts-A-Plenty Quilting Template.  She also used templates from the exclusive Janome Ruler Work Kit to quilt the background.









    Want to learn more?  Look for a Quilting Made Easy Party being taught near you – a list of upcoming classes can be found here on our website – Class Schedule.  If you don’t see one listed for your local store, ask them to contact us about hosting one!  We can be reached at info@sewsteady.com

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    More Fun With Felt and Westalee Templates

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    Since we’ve been talking about serger tables this weekend, we thought it would be the perfect time to share this wonderful project from Linda Hall.  Linda created this gorgeously stitched tablet cover for our Fall Felt Challenge.  She used several Westalee Design templates to create all of that lovely quilting, and used her serger to finish the edges with a ruffle stitch.  Linda will be doing a blog post about her project soon, and we’ll be sure to include a link here when it’s done.

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    Deluxe Table Giveaway!

    If you caught our live video from the Case For Smiles Event, you know that we’re giving away a Sew Steady Deluxe Table for your serger! As promised, here are all the details:

    1. Make a pillowcase for Case For Smiles!  The instructions can be found here:  Pillowcase InstructionsBe sure to use fun, festive fabrics and please – no glitter or flannel!
    2.  Before you wash it and pack it up, take a picture of yourself with your case and post it on our Facebook page on this post:    Contest Post  
    3. Once you’ve got your pillowcase picture posted, write your name and address on a slip of paper, tuck it in with your case, and mail it to:

    Case For Smiles Table Contest
    295 E. Swedesford Road, #396
    Wayne, PA 19087

    Or, if you have a local chapter nearby, get in touch with them and drop it off – here’s a link to find a chapter near you:

    Case For Smiles Chapters

    That’s it!  Cases need to be received no later than 9/30/18, so let’s get sewing! Winner will be announced on 10/11/18.


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    Live Quilt-A-Longs With Donelle

    We hope you’ve been enjoying our Facebook Live Quilt-A-Longs with Donelle McAdams.  It’s hard to believe we’ve done three projects!

    Quilt_A_Long #1 – Tool Caddy
    Quilt-A-Long #2 – Christmas In July










    Quilt-A-Long #3 – Placemat/Napkins

    In case you missed any of them, they’re all archived on our Facebook Page in the Videos section.  Here’s the link:


    And if you need the links to the supply lists as well, here they are:

    Quilt-A-Long #1 – Tool Caddy – Supply List

    Quilt-A-Long #2 – Christmas In July – Supply List

    Quilt-A-Long #3 – Placemat/Napkins – Supply List

    Be sure to visit our Facebook page for more fun things to come!


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    Welcome to Our New Blog!


    Welcome to Sew Inspired, the new blog by Sew Steady! This is the place to find all kinds of quilting inspiration, ruler work tips and techniques, and beautiful projects by talented quilters and sewers.

    Feel free to leave comments, ask questions and be inspired.  We’ll be uploading lots more soon!

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    Caring For Your Sew Steady Table

    A Sew Steady Table is a great piece of equipment to have in your sewing arsenal, and like any investment it does require a little bit of special care.  Our tables are made of high-grade acrylic, so we recommend using our Sew Steady Polish Kit to clean them.  You can also use Turtle Wax Paste or Goo Gone Gel.  Use a soft micro fiber towel or soft cloth that does not have any fabric softener or anything else that will leave a residue, and buff until the table is smooth. This works very well and will give the table a nice shine, allowing the fabric to slide easily.Any other harsh cleaners (like glass cleaner) will damage the surface and void your warranty.

    Even though we ask that you DON’T use glass cleaner to polish your table, we do recommend that you treat your table like glass!  Dropping your table, banging the edges against a hard surface, storing it with items on top of it, or storing it flat may result in damage to your table.  We recommend storing it upright in the back of a closet, either in the original shipping box or one of our padded Travel Bags.  Just make sure that other items are not pressing up against it.

    With proper cleaning and care, your Sew Steady Table should last a very long time!